Safe and inclusive childhoods

Engaging with other stakeholders on global and regional agendas transforms helpful synergies into trusted partnerships and joint action to promote children’s rights in many different areas.

Safe and resilient societies

Children at Risk is a flagship for the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR).

The Expert Group works in close collaboration with the CBSS Secretariat’s Civil Security team – coordinator the EUSBSR Policy Area Secure – to explore and strengthen the role of children and youth in promoting a common societal security culture in the BSR and as contributors to building resilient societies.


The Expert Group has been in involved in several projects to protect the best interests of children in migration, which have resulted in a number of tools and conference conclusions which have been influential in guiding regional work in this field. Partnerships have been developed with the Central European Initiative, the Nordic Council of Ministers, Ministries and other national authorities, academia, professionals and civil society. The Expert Group continues to support partnerships which take forward these conclusions and tools developed in the context of these initiatives.