Justice and care

Promoting the rights of child victims and witnesses of violence to be heard, receive information, assistance and support through effective, professional and child-friendly and multidisciplinary interventions.

When there is suspicion that a child is exposed to violence, many different actors have a duty to protect the rights and well-being of the child. If these actors do not work together, the child can be drawn into parallel enquiries and assessments, moving between different agencies and disciplines, potentially causing (re-)traumatisation of the child and preventing disclosure.

This is a serious problem since the child’s disclosure is fundamental to ensuring the safety and protection of the child, to determining the need for physical and mental recovery, and to secure a successful and child-friendly criminal investigation and judicial process.

To implement the priorities in this area the Expert Group plays a role as a pioneer and pathfinder in developing sustainable networks, groundbreaking initiatives and innovative approaches, policy and tools. We develop and nurture strategic partnerships to ensure synergies, trusted partnerships and joint and harmonised action.