Estonia’s STAR system implements and monitors case management methodologies


To support data collection, monitoring, and evaluation of their social welfare services, Estonia put in place a national software system – “STAR” – for exchanging information between social service providers and local governments.


STAR is a central database for social service providers to implement case management methodology. I It applies a client-centred approach which centralises information intending to provide high-quality services and equal treatment nationally. Social workers can receive information on individuals and forward reports on the provision of services to local governments.

Compliance with the requirements for database maintenance and data processing is another characteristic of STAR.


In addition to being an implementation tool, STAR is a tool for monitoring the performance of social service providers. It has provided the preconditions for more efficient and high-quality official statistics in the social field, which supports improvements in handling social work cases. A shared, national system has contributed to developing terminology, classification systems, and work processes.