The programme on unaccompanied and trafficked children in the region of the Baltic Sea States

The programme on unaccompanied and trafficked children included all the eleven CBSS member states. Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova also took part in the technical implementation and cooperation.

The plan of action was adopted by the Expert Group in May 2004, and was later prolonged until July 2007 by the 2005 meeting of Ministers responsible for children’s issues.

A meeting of the National Contact Points for the programme held in Oslo in May 2004 identified three areas of cooperation:

  • In cooperation with the CBSS Task Force on trafficking in human beings and the CBSS Task Force on Organised Crime, explore the possibility of organising an expert meeting on the exchange of practices on victim assistance to support the police investigations.
  • Identification, age assessments, disappearances and family tracing, including a view of the effects such efforts may have on unaccompanied and trafficked young persons.
  • Returning to what? A broad approach regarding prevention, reintegration and assessment, institutional measures and alternative care.

Expert level meetings

An expert level meeting was organised in Helsinki in December 2004 on Identification, Age Assessment, Disappearances and Family Tracing. Conclusions and actions from this meeting included on technical considerations for the assessment and process.

Another expert level meeting was organised in Kiev in April 2005 on Building Competence and Capacity on Care, Rehabilitation and Reintegration of Children and Young Persons Victims of Trafficking. The meeting was hosted by 2005 the Ukrainian Ministry of Youth and Sports, with the support of the Norwegian Ministry of Children and Family Affairs and the Nordic Baltic Task Force Against Trafficking. The meeting agreed to update it list of resources for exploited children, and to arrange regional trainings assisting girls and boys who have been victimised and exploited in trafficking. A situation paper was developed about the level of protection, care, psychological, medical and social assistance as well as short or long term placements available for children victims of trafficking in the Baltic Sea Region.


The programme eventually transitioned into dissemination mode, with the Comprehensive Assistance to Children Victims of Trafficking project taking precedence, including on the invitation of numerous ministries throughout Europe.

The Fight Against Trafficking in Children – Surviving Child Trafficking – Building a Future

One such dissemination event included a half-day seminar at the Swedish embassy to Washington DC. Participation included: HRH Princess Madeleine of Sweden; the Swedish Ambassador to Washington, Mr Jonas Hafström opened the seminar; the Swedish Ambassador on Combating Trafficking in Human Beings Mr Anders Oljelund; Senior Advisor on Trafficking in Persons to the US Department of State Ms Laura Lederer; the author of the “Frail Chain” report Svante Weyler; and the CBSS Secretariat.