Listen Up! Creating conditions for children to speak and be heard

Pub. Dec 1, 2018 Published December 1, 2018

The report highlights amongst others interviewing protocols and training approaches that are informed by evidence; innovative technology which enhances the impact of training; how to lead sensitive conversations with children; and urges to hear about the experience and recommendations of children who received assistance after a situation of exploitation and trafficking. This will help state agencies and service providers to reflect on their own roles and to understand that their behaviour and communication matter for delivering quality services.

The report was informed by the speakers and participants in the regional seminars of the ‘PROTECT Children on the Move’ project during 2017 and 2018, as well as children and young people who have had experiences of exploitation and trafficking and shared their recommendations in the project consultations.

The project featured a pilot of a storytelling method of hearing the child which was developed by the CBSS. The method was used to gather the recommendations and reflections from children who have been through challenging situations – thus enabling children’s voices to be heard on the expert and policy levels.