Guidelines Promoting the Human Rights and the Best Interests of the Child in Transnational Child Protection Cases

Pub. Jan 13, 2016 Published January 13, 2016

These Guidelines are formed by the project Child Exploitation: Cross-National Child Protection in Practice – ‘PROTECT Children on the Move’ and the experience and evidence shared by the numerous professionals and officials who participated in the project consultations. In this context, the Council of the Baltic Sea States Secretariat and partners in Latvia, Lithuania and Sweden convened five expert meetings in 2014 and 2015 on transnational child protection.

The Guidelines are directed at all professionals and officials working with and for children, such as policymakers and public officials in countries of origin, transit and destination, public and private service providers within child care and protection structures and the asylum reception system, guardians, immigration officials and case officers, border guards, and child rights advocates.

In 2016, at an expert meeting held in Stockholm, an Addendum to the Guidelines has been launched. As the Guidelines publication is envisaged as a living document, this Addendum provides an overview of some key themes and developments that emerged during the year of 2016.