A Permanent International Secretariat of the CBSS was established following a decision taken at the 7th Ministerial Session of the CBSS in 1998 in Nyborg, Denmark.

Following several years of preparatory work, the Ministers for Children’s Affairs in the Baltic Sea Region decided in October 2001 to establish a unit at the CBSS Secretariat working on Children at Risk, which would service an expert group on Children at Risk.

The mandate of the Children at Risk Unit at the CBSS Secretariat includes:

  • Executing the agreed strategy and annual work plans under the guidance of the Expert Group.
  • Providing secretarial and professional support to the Expert Group.
  • Building and nurturing strategic partnerships.
  • Drafting relevant documents and reports.
  • Developing and executing projects.
  • Keeping the Chair (rotating according to the CBSS presidency rotation) informed about major developments in the ongoing projects, new project and funding opportunities, and other principal and urgent issues.

The budget of the Unit is financed by annual contributions from the CBSS Member States according to annual budgets approved by the Expert Group. Additional funding for activities is secured through project funding.