Norway provides support to children with harmful sexual behaviour through new therapeutic methods, research and action plans 

Through its work in three different areas, Norway is trying to increase their support to children with harmful sexual behaviour.

Improving Support with Multisystemic Therapy for children with harmful Sexual Behaviour 

Norway has been utilising a new therapeutic service to support children with harmful sexual behaviour. The service, “Multisystemic Therapy for Youth with Problem Sexual Behaviours” (henceforth MST-PSB), is an adaptation of the standard MST (Multisystemic Therapy). In the fall of 2021, MST-PSB training started in five MST teams in different regions of the country.  

Research on Child Welfare Services’ Interaction with Children Displaying Problematic and/or Harmful Sexual Behaviour 

Evaluating the use of MST- PSB services are part of this broader research program, focusing on child welfare services’ encounter with children displaying harmful sexual behaviour and their families. The research aims to provide a better picture of how these children and their families are treated within insitutionalised services, including child welfare services. The evaluation of MST-PSB will largely focus experiences of staff and users with MST-PSB and seeks to understand how MST has been applied and adapted to problematic sexual behaviour.  

Norway’s Cross-Departmental Action Plan (2021-2024) to Combat Violence in intimate relationships, including violence from children with harmful sexual behaviour

Norway has also been implementing an action plan, focusing on addressing violence in close and intimate relationships. One of the measures is dedicated to strengthening support for children with harmful sexual behaviour. The plan highlights the following three areas: 

  • The development of easily accessible services. Norway currently lacks adequate services for the target group, resulting in lack of appropriate support and guidance,
  • Strengthening mental health care-services for the target group child including, psychiatry, services for trauma and stress, as well as Suicide Prevention services.
  • Improving the habilitation services.

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