Children and Young Persons with Abusive and Violent Experiences Connected to Cyberspace

This report and associated conference laid the groundwork for the Robert project.

Pub. Apr 12, 2007 Published April 12, 2007

In may 2006 the Swedish Children’s Welfare Foundation and the Working Group for Cooperation on Children at Risk under the Council of the Baltic Sea States, invited experts working with assistance to young persons that have had abusive experiences in the context of the Information and Communication Technologies, ICT. The expert meeting was dedicated solely to the specifics of the impact of the abuse on the child and young person, and what this means in relation to treatment strategies, child protection initiatives and prevention programmes.

This report presents a documentation of the eight presentations held at the meeting and is therefore not the usual collection of articles. It is the presentations told by a narrator in a way so that persons outside of the circle of experts will be able to grasp what the most urgent issues in the view of the experts are when it comes to assisting victims of Internet related offences. The report also contains the conclusions reached at the meeting, including some recommendations on ways forward.